• Tutoring Service

  • Available Schedule
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Tutor Commitment
    Full Time Tutors
  • Tutoring Specialization
    Primary School, Secondary School
  • Primary School Subjects
    Maths, Science
  • PT3 / Lower Secondary Subjects
    Mathematics, Science
  • SPM / STPM / Upper Sec Subjects
    Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Modern Mathematics
  • Tutoring Style / Experience
    - For mathematics, I would usually cover more on past year papers and lots of exercises
    - For Science subjects, visuals (most source from YouTube) would help more on understanding apart from continuous exercises
    - I can easily bond with the students and very friendly
    - I may be a bit "garang" when teaching students below 13 years old but based on experience most parents find it helpful for their kids to improve on their grades
    - Last year I have 6 PT3 students (all one-to-one classes) and all from "gradtutors.com" and their results for MATHS were 4 students got A, 1 student B and one student C.
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