• Tutoring Service

  • Available Schedule
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Tutor Commitment
    Full Time Tutors
  • Tutoring Specialization
    Primary School, Secondary School, 'A' Level, International School, Diploma
  • Primary School Subjects
    English, Maths, Science, Bahasa Malayu, Chinese
  • PT3 / Lower Secondary Subjects
    Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Mathematics
  • SPM / STPM / Upper Sec Subjects
    Accounting, Bahasa Malayu, English Language, Economics, Mathematics, Perdagangan / Business Studies
  • Diploma / University Subjects
    Accounting, CIMA / LCCI / ACCA, Economics
  • Languages for Adults
    Business English, Conversational English, Chinese Mandarin
  • Tutoring Style / Experience
    Experience :

    Year 2001 ~ 2003
    Provided BM & BI tuition for PMR and SPM level in a tuition centre near PJ Old Town ( Tuition centre closed down)

    Year 2003 ~ 2005
    Provided tuition for BM & ~ BI for PMR and SPM level in a Super Tuition Centre at Taman Universiti, Johor Bahru.

    ~ Become home tutor major to teach BM, BI & Maths for PMR & SPM Level

    Year 2008

    ~stop tuition centre and full time as home tutor

    ~ started to provide tuition for international school for Year 1 ~ Year 7

    Year 2010
    ~ Started to provide tuition for IGCSE English, Account, Business Studies and BM

    Year 2010 - now


    PT 3 ~ BM, BI, MATHS

    SPM ~ BI BM MATHS Account, Ekonomi

    IGCSE ~ English, Account, Buniess Studies & BM
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