• Tutoring Service

  • Available Schedule
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Tutor Commitment
    Graduates / Part Time
  • Tutoring Specialization
    Primary School, IT / Software
  • Primary School Subjects
    English, Maths, Science, Bahasa Malayu, Chinese
  • PT3 / Lower Secondary Subjects
    English Language, Chinese language, Mathematics, Science, History
  • SPM / STPM / Upper Sec Subjects
    Biology, Chinese Literature, Computer Applications, Chinese Language, English Language, English for Science and Technology, History, Information & Communications Technology, Fundamentals of Programming, Mathematics, MUET
  • Diploma / University Subjects
    Computer Science
  • IT / Multimedia
    MS Windows, Computer Programming
  • Tutoring Style / Experience
    I am a researcher that is at the verge of completing my Masters studies in computer science as well as a part-time lecturer in a private institution in KL, teaching subjects related to computer programming and IT. Coming from a family background laden with teaching profession, I am exposed to teaching and educating since the age of 12, helping out in a home-based tuition centre. I have also in the past worked full time in a tuition centre dedicated to teaching primary school UPSR syllabus.

    My past results:
    UPSR - 7A
    PMR - 8A
    SPM - 9A (5 1A, 4 2A), 3 3B, inclusive of Cambridge English 1A
    1st class Honours in BSc(Hons) IT

    I strongly believe in mutual learning culture, where both students and teachers learn something out of every lesson. For every class I conduct I make sure that students know what they are supposed to learn from each lesson, and they have to work together with me to achieve that goal. I usually take a soft approach for the first couple of lessons with my students to understand them better especially their learning strength, then tweak up the schedules to better help them out.
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