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    Hello. I am Dr. Yi Ren Bong. I have graduated primary school with 7A''''s in UPSR. After that, I was offered the ASEAN scholarship and completed my O and A levels in Singapore with straight A''''s. I am a recent medical graduate from University of Newcastle, Australia. Currently, I am back in Malaysia for a gap year. During this year, I intend to pursue my passion in teaching. I have plenty of prior experience tutoring Form 5 students and many of my students have improved and attained excellent results in their SPM. I look forward to teach students and ignite their passion for learning. Like what i always tell others, '''' to each situation , there is a solution'''', this is no different when it comes to students. Every student have their own optimal way to study and its our duty as teachers to discover what''''s best for the student and how they should learn. I hope you do have confidence in me. Thank you
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