• Tutoring Service

  • Available Schedule
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Tutor Commitment
    Full Time Tutors
  • Tutoring Specialization
    Secondary School
  • PT3 / Lower Secondary Subjects
    Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Chinese language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Art & Craft, Kemahiran Hidup
  • SPM / STPM / Upper Sec Subjects
    Bahasa Malayu, English Language
  • Tutoring Style / Experience
    I tutored the English and Malay languages at a daycare-cum-tuition centre. During my tenure, my students' school examination marks increased by 7 percentage points as a whole.

    As cliched as it sounds, practice makes perfect. Especially when it comes to languages like English and Malay, writing is the best way to master the languages and we'll do lots of writing! As much as I enjoy writing, I also enjoy guiding students throughout the writing process. Besides writing, I also expose my students to articles of interesting news or current events to immerse themselves in the language and to acquire essential vocabulary. I also hone my students' oral communication skill, which is indispensable not only for their oral exams but also in their future working life as well.

    Although my area of expertise is English and the Malay language, I'm also available to tutor all subjects for lower secondary.
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