This page contains useful information for students / parents wanting to hire private tutors.

A) General Questions

What is

Formerly, We are one of the leading home tuition agencies in Malaysia. Parents/students can find and hire private tutors from us for home tuition. We also provide tutor recruitment service for tuition centers. 

My child is already engaged with school homework, is home tuition necessary?

Private tuition allows your child to receive 1 to 1 dedicated attention from the tutor. Your child can also have tuition at the convenience of your house at any time agreed with the tutor. There is no need to follow the fix schedule in school. Most importantly, you can choose your own tutor.

B) Service Related

It is often much faster if students / parents can search and shortlist a few tutors and let our coordinators know. This helps to speed up the recruitment process because we can contact the tutors directly and know better what kind of tutors you want to find.

It seems to me that most of your tutors are from KL and Selangor. I stay in other states of Malaysia, are there any tutors?

In fact, our service include all locations of Malaysia. You can use our tutor search feature to find tutors staying in your location.

I have submitted the tutor request form. How long can you find a tutor for me?

Our coordinator will broadcast and shortlist suitable tutors within 2 working days and get back to you with suitable profiles, usually within 3-5  days. Normally your child can start to have tuition within a week.

What if my child do not like the tutor. Can I change another one?

If you are not happy with the newly engaged tutor, please let us know within 2 lessons after the commencement of 1st lesson. You will need to pay for any lesson(s) attended by tutor.

The coordinator told me that no suitable tutor is found. What can I do?

In some cases especially during exam periods, it is indeed more difficult for us to find a tutor in a short period. This is also true if the assignment is short term. The best tutors are normally occupied with their schedule full. We suggest hiring takes place at least 2 months before exam period. At the same time, you can also consider increasing the salary that you are willing to offer the tutor. We believe paying RM30-40 for a more qualified tutor makes a lot of difference. If you want your child to be the best, then the best way is to stay with the best.

C) Tutor Profile and Selection

Is the information provided on the tutor profile page accurate?

The information that you see on the tutor profile page is provided by tutors who signed up with We try to verify the information [through feedback / past experience / tele-interview]. However, we cannot gurantee that every profile is accurate due to large number of tutors.

I would like to hire a school teacher for home tuition. Are there any?

We do have a number of registered full time tutors/school teachers. However, tuition rate for school teachers will be higher, and subject to availability.

I saw many tutor profiles on your website. How do you verify their qualifications?

We will inform tutors to bring along their original educational certificates for the student/parents to verify on the first lesson. This helps to ensure that the tutor that you hire through us is qualified to teach.

D) Safety Concern

Is it safe for my child to have tuition at home? How do you verify the tutor's conduct and background?

Once the arrangement is confirmed, we will ask the tutor to bring along their NRIC on the 1st lesson. Parents are advised to verify the NRIC and make photocopy if necessary. In case the tutor is a foreigner, he/she can provide you a valid student/work pass for verification too.

If your child is a female and below 16 years old, we advise parents not to leave the child for tuition alone at home.

E) Tuition Fee Payment

Do I need to pay any agency fee to

Students / Parents do not need to pay Gradtutors any agent fee, unless its short term assignments of less than 1 month. We will normally charge agent fee to the tutors only.

Do I pay the tuition fee directly to the tutor?

Students will pay any tuition fee directly to the tutor. Payment due to tutor is on the 4th week of lessons or as agreed between tutor and requestor.

We strongly advise students / parents not to make any advance payment to the tutor.

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